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Backyard Gardener: Fall-planted Bulbs
Care and planting of bulbs that bloom in the spring.
Boophane Rare Bulbs
Guy Wrinkle is an international provider of very rare exotic Boophane bulbs, one the largest selections anywhere in the world. Many in very limited supply.
Bulbs and More
Learn all about selecting, planting and landscaping with bulbs. University of Illinois.
Bulbs for Indoor Culture Information on the indoor culture of bulbs with links.
Colorblends Wholesale Dutch Bulbs (Connecticut)
Unique mixtures of tulip varieties that bloom simultaneously for perfect spring displays. Deliver freshly harvested, premium,top-sized bulbs at wholesale prices direct from the Netherlands. Site includes lots of information including planting & care, etc.
International Bulb Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to sharing knowledge, conducting research, and promoting conservation of geophytic plants, most usually known as "bulbs".
Ixia Species and Bulbs of the World
Information about Ixia species and other bulbs. Also photo gallery & links.
Noweta Gardens Gladiolus Flower Bulbs
Shopping site with detailed planting zone map and range of temperatures. This is the "Care" page.
Rochester Gardening - Bulbs
Bulb information for gardeners, including links to bulb information, a chart of the five groups of bulbs, and care of various kinds of bulbs.
Tesselaar - Bulbs and Flowers (Canada)
Home of the Tesselaar Tulip Festival. Beautiful photos for each plant listed, along with basic information. Online store.
Van Bourgondien Dutch Flower Bulbs and Perennials (Ohio)
Online store with a resource section that includes a Garden Guide, Instructional Videos, "The Bulb Lady," newsletters, garden contest, and hardiness zones.


Amaryllis Home
Information about amaryllis or hippeastrum, including origins, culture, and treatment.
Amaryllis Makes Memorable Holiday Gift
Discover how to prepare an amaryllis plant for giving it as a present. Purdue University.
Amaryllis Planting and Care
Beginners information and tips for advanced gardeners on Amaryllis planting and care.
Amaryllis, Year-Round Care
Illustrated instructions on care, planting, forcint, dormancy of the Amaryllis bulbs, from Rochester Gardening.
Home Forcing of Potted Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)
Detailed page from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.
Waking the Amaryllis
Follow an amaryllis from its first waking after being removed from a dark closet to its full blooming glory. Includes photographs.


Description and potting instructions for growing these plants; also includes color photographs.
Information on how to grow as a house plant.
Caladium World
Tips about growing Caladiums, or Elephant Ears, from a sales site for the bulb.
Poisonous House Plants - Caladium
Description of toxic effects.


Crocus Photos and Information
Planting instructions, descriptions, information, photos and more. They close in the evening when temperatures plummet, and open their petals back up again in the morning.
Information about Crocus
Planting Flower Bulbs: Although there are about 80 species of crocus native to Europe and Asia, only about 30 species are cultivated.
Saffron Crocus Growing Information
Saffron Crocus is a pretty bulb with purple flowers, each with three stamens. It has been grown as a spice and a dye since ancient times.


Daffodil Growing Tips
Guidelines for growing beautiful daffodils in your garden from the American Daffodil Society.
Daffodils: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Daffodil Flowers
Daffodils are hardy and easy perennials to grow in most areas in North America, except Southern Florida.
How to Cure Daffodil Bulbs for Replanting: 10 steps
wikiHow: Here are a few tips on what you can do to salvage daffodil bulbs for another season by curing them.
Information on Daffodils
Virus diseases affecting the daffodil. Online Guide to Plant Disease Control from Oregon State University


American Dahlia Society
Classification and Handbook of Dahlias: Classification lists, glossary of terms, awards and honors.
Discussion group where growers can talk about dahlias. Signup required.
A photographic tribute. Links to additional dahlia related websites.
Planting, growing and caring for Dahlias
Information about Dahlia Flowers


Gardener's Network
How to Grow Gladiolus Bulbs - Corms
FAQ at Pleasant Valley Glads and Dahlias.
Description, potting, and propagation.
Gladiolus Diseases
Diseases and treatments, from University of Minnesota Extension Service.
Gladiolus Guide Sheet
Extensive information on Gladiolus and how to plant them.
Gladiolus Pests
From the Department of Primary Industries / Agriculture. Australia.
Summer Flowering Bulbs: Gladiolus
Planting, cutting, environment, and other information about glads from the Dept. of Horticulture, University of Missouri Extension.


American Iris Society
About irises, iris encyclopedia, photos and resources.
Bearded Iris Information
Bearded irises are among the easiest and hardiest perennials to grow, blooming year after year with little attention.
Information on Iris Plants
Garden Guides: There are approximately 200 different iris species. Articles, videos, discussions, plant taxonomy.
Iris Bulbs
Planting Flower Bulbs: Iris flowers grow from either rhizomes or bulbs. This article discusses planting bulbulous irises.
Iris Flower
Varieties and Types of Iris: Information on the Iris flower including colours, types, facts, varieties, pictures, and more.
Japanese Irises
Ian Black's photographs of many varieties of these flowers.


Galanthus nivalis (common snowdrop)
Plant Guide: Snowdrops are some of the earliest bulbs, and flowers in general, to bloom in spring.
Galanthus nivalis - Snowdrop
They are extraordinarily hardy, especially the common species, and can be depended on to flower very early whatever the weather. Basic plant details.
Growing Snowdrops
Cultivation of Galanthus nivalis: Galanthus nivalis, the common snowdrop, has reliably early white drop like flowers with a green dot or spot. They grows best from bulbs which have been soaked overnight, or transplanted from fresh clumps.
Tip sheet on history and planting culture from GardenGuides.
Botanical information about the snowdrop, from


Common Tulip Bulbs Diseases
Tulips tend to be hardy and disease resistant. There are a few common problems, though, that are worth watching out for.
How to Plant Tulips
Video from Tulips are recognized all over the world as a classic spring bulb. But if you want to ensure that they pop up by Spring, you need to plant them in the fall.
How to Plant Tulip Bulbs
wikiHow article about planting tulips with step-by-step pictures.
Gardening Article: the Noble Tulip
Guidelines for designing tulip beds and some tips about specific tulips.
Solving Tulip Problems
Information about Solving Tulip Problems. Symptoms and probable causes.

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