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Contractors reference materials, books, manuals, codes, guides, training videos, pocket guides, forms and documents, software, CDs, DVDs, tools

A comprehensive selection of reference materials for contractors: books, manuals, codes, guides, training videos, pocket guides, forms & documents, software, CDs, DVDs, tools, exams, support materials and specialized equipment for professionals in construction, design/build, design/architecture, engineering, HVAC, electrical, plumbing/piping, welding, masonry/concrete, and other technical trades.


The largest selection of rugged electronic calculators for today's construction professionals including the industry's leading concrete, conversion, and electrical calculators.


Codes ~ NEC

The most common electrical code used by virtually all state and local code inspectors is the National Electrical Code (NEC).

National Electrical Code 2011 Bundle Package

National Electrical Code 2011 Bundle Package
Includes: The NEC 2011 Elecrical Code (Softcover)
and Significant Changes to the NEC 2011 (Paperback)


Codes ~ International

The International Code Council (ICC) was established as a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national codes. Here you will find a complete selection of International Codes to meet your needs.

Codes 1 - International Building Codes: Manuals, books, textbooks, handbooks, references.
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Codes 2 - Residential Building Codes & Inspection: Manuals, books, textbooks, handbooks, references.
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Codes 3 - Fire & Safety Codes ~ Green & IECC Standards ~ Accessibility: Manuals, books, textbooks, handbooks, references.
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Codes: International Mechanical Codes & Fuel Gas Codes: Manuals, books, textbooks, handbooks, references.


Construction Estimating

Construction estimating products that provide accurate and up-to-date cost information to developers, architects, engineers, contractors and others.

  • National Construction Estimator
  • National Repair & Remodeling Estimator
  • National Home Improvement Estimator
  • National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator
  • Contractors Pricing Guides...
  • Cost Estimating Data
  • Square Foot Costs
  • Residential Square Foot Costs
  • Residential Detailed Costs
  • RS Means Estimating Titles
    Find Additional Estimating Products:


Construction Manuals

A selection of construction books and manuals that include daily log books, dictionaries, legal references, building codes and reference materials.
  • Markup & Profit
  • Daily Logs
  • Dictionaries
  • Legal/Law


Construction Management

A complete selection of Construction Management and Business Development products focused on supplying the very best resources used by contractors to profitably manage their business.

Business management, contracting, start your own construction, contracting business, run a successful contracting business, etc.
Management fundamentals, residential, commercial projects, subcontractor, location-based, budget, scheduling, safety, etc.
Accounting & financial management, risk management, cost management & case studies, accounting fundamentals, etc.
Quantum Project Management Billing Software.


Design / Build

A selection of design-build books, manuals, DVDs, which include construction fundamentals, residential construction, framing (house, floors, walls, ceilings), carpentry, stair building, plan reading, and more.

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  • Construction Fundamentals
  • Residential Construction
  • Light Commercial Construction
  • Building Materials
  • Plan Reading
Design/Build Construction Products 2
Framing Manuals & DVDs  ~  Doors Windows
Design/Build Construction Products 3
Carpentry Manuals  ~  Stairbuilding


Design / Architecture

Design/Architecture Products 1
Architects Handbooks, Guides, Standards
Design/Architecture Products 2  
Architectural Design, Structural Engineering

Instant Architect -- Easy CAD software Home & Floor Plan Design program

Home design & floor plan software--no experience required. You'll be creating incredible drawings in no time -- even if you've never used a CAD program before. Includes materials lists. 1,000 symbols library. Drag & drop. Print accurately to any scale. Software Catalog

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Specialized products for electrical calculations, design, estimating, grounding, licensing / exams, reference, software, and more.

Electrical 1: NEC Codes Books Pocket Guides DVDs
NEC Codes, Mastering the NEC, Handbooks & more.
Electrical 2: Codes Costs Tabs Sets CDs
NEC, Sets, Safety Code, Estimators, Data Costs, & more.
Electrical 3:  Wiring, Troubleshooting, Handbooks
Electrical Wiring, Troubleshooting, Handbooks, Textbooks, Teaching, & more.

National Electrical Code 2011 Bundle Package

National Electrical Code 2011 Bundle Package
Includes: The NEC 2011 Elecrical Code (Softcover)
and Significant Changes to the NEC 2011 (Paperback)



Engineering Books, Manuals, Standards, etc., includes construction material handling, equipment, production planning, specifications, scheduling, estimating, cost control, quality control, labor productivity, inspection, contract administration, construction management and environmental concerns.

Construction Engineering Products


Forms / Documents

Construction Contracts, Forms, Letters, Documents
Contractor's Forms & Documents 1
- Contractor contracts, forms, letters, documents collections
- Home Builder & Remodeler forms
- Atlas & DeWalt forms
- Independent contractor agreement forms
- Forms & documents on CD, paper forms, downloadable forms,
  form & document collections.
Contractor's Forms & Documents 2
- Estimating & project management forms & software
- Adams contractor's library 500 forms
- Electrical contractor forms
- Contractor checklists  / Contractor's legal forms
- RS Means forms
- Contractor form & document collections on CD & paper.
Contractor's Forms & Documents 3
- Contractor business start-up kit CD
- Individual paper forms
- Adams individual contractor forms (paper): Invoice book, Legal   forms kit,
  Bids & quotes, Subcontract agreement, Job survey, Itemized proposal estimate,
  Change order form
- AIA documents
- Forms, documents, checklists for Land developers, Design professionals,
  Building maintenance: CD & paper forms.



HVAC & HVAC/R books & references about design, installation,  servicing and troubleshooting equipment well as reference books regarding indoor air quality.

HVAC / HVACR Contractor Books & Products 1
General References & Manuals
HVAC / HVACR Contractor Books & Products 2
Fundamentals | Systems Design
HVAC / HVACR Contractor Books & Products 3
Control Systems | Calculating & Estimating
HVAC / HVACR Contractor Books & Products 4
Diagnostics/Troubleshooting | Residential | Indoor Air Quality
CODES: HVAC / R  International Mechanical Codes
Mechanical Codes & Fuel Gas Codes Manuals & Study Guides

License Exam Prep - Study Guides - Training
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Exam Prep:  HVAC & HVAC/R  1
Training:  HVAC & HVAC/R   2
Licensing Exam Prep, Study Guides, Training Manuals



Masonry / Concrete

A large assortment of books, software and videos for the Masonry and Concrete professional.

Masonry and Concrete Contractor Products

Mansonry & Concrete Books & Manuals 1
General concrete construction manuals: structures, design, estimators, pavement, anchorage, reinforcement, formwork, etc.
Mansonry & Concrete Books & Manuals 2
Concrete materials & composites, concrete mixtures, concrete repair, concrete countertops, etc.
Mansonry Manuals, Codes & Standards 3
Masonry books, manuals: structures, design, building codes & standards for masonry structures, grouting, brickwork, etc.
ACI manuals & guides: Codes, Standards. Concrete inspection & field references. Manual of Concrete Practice. ASTM Standards.
Mansonry & Concrete: ACI Certification 5
ACI Certification: Technican Workbooks for ACI Certification
Calculated Industries ConcreteCalc Pro 4225 Advanced Yard, Feet, Inch, and Fraction Concrete Calculator ConcreteCalc Pro 4225 by Calculated Industries

Quickly & easily figure: Dimensional math & conversions; Concrete areas & volumes; Square-ups, drops & right angle problems; Blocks & footings; Weights/volumes...


Plumbing / Piping

A complete selection of Plumbing, Piping, and Mechanical construction codes, standards, specifications and guidelines.



More Trades & Resources

A large selection of building and construction resources for trades professionals. Books, reference manuals, pocket guides, tools, and videos will make your job faster, easier and more accurate.

Building and Construction Resources
for Trades Professionals 


Additional Materials For Professionals

Manuals & Textbooks for professionals. Other of books of interest for the professional can be found in the Home and Garden categories.



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Construction Books & Resources for the Professional

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